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Sweet and Simple


Welcome to my first blog! You may have already took a gander at my 'About' page to get an overview of my story and journey thus far as a performer. I'd like to further talk about why I love performing and what you can expect to see in my upcoming blog posts.

What performing means to me

To me performing isn't about the attention, praise and "fame" that usually is equated with being an entertainer. Sure, as a child when I would watch Britney Spears and other current artists on stage I would think "I'm going to be famous like them someday". BUT as I've experienced the amount of work and preparation show biz requires, knowing who I am--I've learned that if I solely perform only to "be famous" or for attention from others my creativity is squashed. -->

--> Creating, performing and entertaining is an expression and extension of who I am. It is a deeper euphoric and marvelous experience that only creatives get to experience. I love performing because it gives space where I can let go. Sometimes it's my escape or disassociation. Other times it's a place of discovery and self expression. It is truly my happy place where the whole world stands still.

Keeping it simple

My goal in creating a blog post is to journal my journey as an entertainer, share memories and experiences I've had in the entertainment industry (stage, commercial, improv etc.) and hopefully bring some insight and encouragement along the way. I know that life is busy, so I like to keep things short, sweet and simple--just like me!

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